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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy winter solistice celebrations to all free thinkers

Happy Holidays! Remember, this season celebrate reason… and don’t let Christians hijack a great secular, pluralistic holiday!
if you are celebrating any of the western traditions of Christmas this year, remember that you are actually enjoying the rituals and activities of several ancient religions whose traditions have been borrowed by the Christians over the years for the celebration of the birth of Christ. Buy presents, enjoy family, eat good food. We can still enjoy a season of good memories and fun ancient traditions, even without god… especially when those traditions didn’t start as Christian traditions anyway.
As free thinkers, lets celebrate  WINTER SOLSTICE

Just smile and Enjoy your LIFE as we say BYE to 2010


Sunday, December 12, 2010

kasese humanist primary school school badge

News update about the KUHA SCHOOL PROJECT
Kasese Humanist Primary School will be opening its doors to the pupils with effect from Early February . A school badge has been designed by one of the Atheist Alliance International Volunteers 2010 by the names Edan  together with Bwambale Robert the Founder of Kasese united humanist association plus Edison, the KUHA Chairman.
Description of the badge:
Its in a circular shape depicting the Globe, Microscope for science, Books for learning, Humanist symbol the official logo for Kasese united humanist association (the owners of the school) and the name of the school appears on the Upper halve while the School motto lies on the lower halve and an animated shape of a young child can be imagined spreading his hands depicting his yearning for knowledge and in the middle of this child lies the Atom symbol.
The School Badge:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

New school site

Photos of the new school site that needs to be renovated to suit classrooms that can accommodate our pupils
This after renovation will serve as a school office and a library

 This above will serve as classroom blocks for the pupils, an estimate of six rooms will be realized upon completion of renovation
 The photograph above shows the general picture of the school site. At the front end is going to accommodate the playing field for the school
We need free thinkers all over the world to support us materially or financially so that we have the school set up.
Materially we need:
Books  ( Local and international )
1 Computer
1 Lawn Mower to ensure good hygiene and sanitation of our school compound & playing field.
1 Photocopier & Printer

Financial donations can be send through Atheist Alliance International and vital information in regard to this can be got by following the link

Cheques payable to Kasese united humanist association are also welcome.

Thanks so much for all your support

Friday, November 12, 2010

New school to open in kasese municipality in 2011

Kasese united humanist association is planning opening up another school in kasese town, the new school is to be called Kasese Humanist Primary School and is to be fully managed by Kasese united humanist association.
The new school will be offering nursery and primary education to young  people aged between 4 and 13 years and as a start we plan to offer nursery class to Primary four Class.More classes will be added each year to the recommended   
primary seven.
The new school will be opening in Early February 2011 and the  reason we plan extending to Kasese  is to allow the young people in  our communities to benefit from the quality of Education in a secular environment free from dogma and indoctrination.
Kasese united humanist association (KUHA) is appealing to the international community to help in supporting the organization such that this school is set up. Atheist Alliance International is working hand in hand with our organization to ensure that this new school is set up.
Other members in the rationalist world plus all those who wish the African Child to get chance and access Education should help in sending assistance so that the school project becomes a success.
Financial donations should be wired through Atheist Alliance International based in USA and the contact person is STUART BECHMAN at email   or sent direct to Kasese united humanist association bank account details which are available on request. A detailed bank account information can be accessed on our website at
Thank you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ten principles for a Rational Global World

1. DIGNITY: Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all human beings.
2. RESPECT: Respect the life and property of others.
3. TOLERANCE: Be tolerant of others belief and life styles
4. SHARING: Share with those who are less fortunate and assist those who are in need of help.
5. NO DOMINATION: Do not dominate through lies or otherwise.
6. NO SUPERSTITION: Rely on Reason, Logic and Science to understand the universe and to solve life’s problems.
7. CONSERVATION: Conserve and improve the Earths natural environment.
8. NO WAR: Resolve differences and conflicts without resorting to war or violence.
9. DEMOCRACY: Rely on political and economic democracy to organize human affairs.
10. EDUCATION: Develop one’s intelligence and talents through education and effort.
Kasese united humanist association (KUHA) is a registered community based organization set up on the Foundation of Humanism and Science.
We are committed to promoting free thought and science in our communities and are advocating for a secular society, a just world free from dogma and indoctrination.
The library is located on plot 31 matebere road – kiteso upper and in stock is a variety of book resources on Humanism, Science and Free thought.
We run a Public library and a Humanist school called kilembe valley humanist primary school situated in katiri village in kilembe Sub County.
We are engaged in activities in the fields of Education, Environment, Human rights and Sustainable Agricultural Development.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Humanist notes, Facts about HUMANISTS

- Humanists donot believe in a Supernatural or god or gods.
- Humanists donot believe in hell or heavens.
- Humanists donot have a holy book.
- Humanists donot believe in spirits.
- Humanists donot believe in souls as well.
- Humanists donot believe in after life or eternal life.
- Humanists donot perform rituals or sacrifices.
- Humanists donot have a prophet,apostle or pastors and believe not in divines.
- Humanism is not a religion and has no resemblance with religions.
- Humanists only believe in things which are real practical and seen backed with evidence.
- Humanists strongly supports application of science and technology.
- Humanists believe in dessimination of knowledge to fight illiteracy.
- Humanists are determined to fight all forms of injustices inflicted on man kind worldwide.
- Humanists strongly supports democracy and  Human rights observance by people and nations.
- Humanists are free people who welcomes each and every person to Free inquiry on any issues.
- Humanist advocate for a good life for all human beings rather than suffering for this short time we have here on earth.
- Humanists believes in Reasoning and use of the brain to its full potential.
- Humanists highly respects nature and its beauty,We need to conserve and protect the environment.
- Humanists respects other organisms,animals need be protected and not endangered.
- Humanists believe we humans have a duty to live in harmony,peaceful with other
humans we share with this planet.
Join Kasese united humanist association and stand chance to know more about
HUMANISM and SCIENCE that is taking the world by storm.
Lets join hands as we advocate for a secular society in Uganda and Africa in
Contact our association at:
Kasese united humanist association
Plot 31 Matebere road, Kiteso-Upper
P.O.Box 58 Kasese
Uganda - East Africa
Web address:

Humanist Ethical Views Analyzed in a Question and Answer Format

Question 1:
1.      What should you do, in order to be ‘good’ or ‘do what’s right’? 
You should try to lead a full and happy life without harming others. One way to do
this is to help other people to do the same. 
 Question 2:
2. Who or what tells you what is right or wrong?
Answer :
You use human nature to decide what is right and wrong. There is no god or holy
book to turn to.
Question 3:
Why should you try to do what is right?
The use of reason and empathy helps us live well together in groups.
Those who care about others and act on it usually have better relationships and more fulfilling lives - they are happier.
Question 4:
Is there any way in which bad actions are punished and good actions rewarded, like
karma, reincarnation, heaven or hell?
The world is full of injustice - but being good and trying to do the right thing.
generally helps you live happily with other people.
There is no life after death. We should make the best of the one life we know
We have. 
We should try to make the world a better place, because we can empathize with the suffering of others. Any rewards and punishments we may receive are here and now.

Monday, May 31, 2010

current activities at Kasese united humanist association

 - The Association is running a Public Library which is now open to the general public. It opens Monday – Saturday , 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
- We are running a school called Kilembe Valley Humanist Primary School, the first secular school in Kasese district set up on the Foundation of Humanism and Science. The school support young pupils in availing to them primary school education. For more information about the school you can visit the school website at
- We are promoting Free inquiry, humanism and free thought to people in our community. We are doing this by arranging meetings with the locals and Under ground house to house approach. We are holding regular meetings with our members educating them about humanism, free thought and sciences. These meetings are held twice in a month, every first and last Sunday in a month.
- We are promoting  Science Education among students and pupils by availing to them access to science books and we are planning to be holding seminars, debates on the usefulness and goodness of science in boosting development. Plans are under way to move around schools in western Uganda area to encourage them open up Science & Humanist Clubs.
- We are raising a voice on all forms of injustices, discrimination against our people especially on domestic matters, Civil liberties, Homophobia and Human rights freedoms.
- We are engaged in establishment of Nursery beds  in Kasese District. we plan setting up a Botanical garden and practicing organic farming,
- We are  lobbying for assistance from western donor nations to support the less privileged and vulnerable persons like orphans, street children, disabled persons and widows. The assistance sought is needed to cater for the provision of basic needs for these people.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Humanist School opens in Kasese district

Kasese united humanist association has initiated the establishment of a private humanist nursery/primary school set up on the Foundation of Humanism and Science.
The school is called Kilembe Valley Humanist Nursery/Primary school and its set up on the Foundation of Humanism and Science.The idea of begining the school was an idea raised by Mr Bwambale Robert, the Founder and Director of Kasese united humanist association together with Mr Baluku Yusuf both of them humanists hailing within kasese district region.
The school is located in Katiri , Makerere village in kilembe sub county, a distance of about 10 kms from Kasese town in Western Uganda.The school is being housed in rented structures of the defunct kilembe mines limited and formerly before initiation of the school those houses used to serve as residential places for some mine workers.
The school premises are in good shape and the school management together with effort by the parents has helped in shaping the structures to suit the school premises.A small play ground is in place for the pupils to pass their leisure and the school is served with electricity and piped water.
The school now has a total of 180 registerd students and the school is offering nursery Education and Primary Education and so far below is school enrolment for last term ie February intake 2010:
Nusery Class:
LOWER ( BABY)               34
UPPER                                 21
Primary Class:
P. 1                                        39
P.2                                          37
P.3                                          20
P.4                                          17
P.5                                          12

Masika Nevercate                     Qualification    Grade 3 Teacher
Sibuthokwa Zackus                                              Grade 3
Thembo Remegio                                                  Grade 3
Kyakimwa Teddy                                                  Nursery Certificate
Ayikaru Gladys                                                     Nursery Csrtificate
Kalende Simon                                                      Senior Six Drop out
Magamba Jackson                                               Grade 3
Atemi Mary                                                           Senior 5 Drop out

The school since it begun has been undergoing financial set backs and at the moment funds to effect smooth running is still needed,The source of funds has been largely been contributed by the local community as payment of school fees of their pupils but owing to the financial crisis hitting hard on the side of these parents some of them are living below the poverty line and entirely peasant farmers,others were former workers of kilembe mines who at the moment are out of service and other retired.
The School Director Mr Baluku Yusuf and Bwambale Robert have tried all they can to inject in some financial resources out of their pockets with an aim to uplift secular education in this area.These is problems encountered in paying for teachers salaries and the non teaching staff.
Kasese and kilembe area in general is a locality that was affected badly by rebel insurgencies of the Allied Democratic Forces ADF and National Army for the Liberation of Uganda NALU and these attacks led to loss of lives in which men and women lost their lives leaving behind orphans,These attacks led to the attack on Kilembe Main Market located afew metres from our school in which it was set ablaze to ashes and local business people lost their merchandise and became poor.
Kasese United Humanist Association in a meeting that was held at the school recently in Mid March 2010 promised the Guardians that it will try and raise this issue to fellow Humanist,atheist and Rationalist Community all over the world to make sure we seek for foster parents to help in sponsoring the orphans and well performing needy students.
A Total of 41 Pupils in our school got themselves registered and are awaiting placement to potential sponsors.
Though the school management in conjunction with Kasese united humanist association have tried all they can in ensuring renovation of the structures, still more effort is needed to put the buildings in good shape like painting the entire premises, thorough  renovation of the school kitchen, finishing up the new pit latrine which is under construction, equiping the Staff room/ Office with furniture and some office items and installing a shelves where we can be able to shelf the books and also putting a school library in place.
All the above have been not been possible because of the limited finances we have in our reach.
The school boundary so far is marked by temporary rids and there is a need to put a perimeter fence around the school so that there is security of the school properties not to be stolen by intruders and also securing easy monitoring of our pupils and privacy reasons.
The southern side is served with a brick wall but other places remain not covered,once we put the fence,there will also be a need to put a gate.
The school doesnt have enough books to be used by teachers as Teaching Guides, we are operating on afew books purchased on our meagre resources and these are needed urgently for they play a vital role because its where the teacher gets the topics being taught.
Also books to belong to our school library are still small.
The school is getting a challenge of competent qualified teaching staff because at the moment we still have school drop outs on our teaching staff list, a total of nine teachers is still a small number but the reason we still have a few little staff is because we still cant maintain having a bigger staff and at the same time we are having hardships in meeting their salaries and further still what we give them is still pea nuts and there is a need to increase on their salaries such that they are motivated to teach.
Kasese United Humanist association together with Mr Baluku Yusuf have tried all they can to follow the right channels and have the school get registered with the local authorities and so far the school has been registered at Vilage, Parish and Sub county Levels and plans are underway to have the school registered at District and National level.We hope to do this before this year 2010 ends.

Kasese united humanist association embarked on this project so that it helps the young people of kasese to also get chance and attain Pre primary and Primary education so that we build a stronger foundation is modelling the younger generation on a secular point of view free from dogma and indoctrination of ancient religious beliefs.
We are kindly requesting the entire Humanist, Atheist and Rationalist community all over the world to support us so that we make our innovations a reality.Under this we need assistance in any of the forms mentioned below:
- Request for Teaching Volunteers to teach in this primary school and get to know more about the African Child,Quality of education at the same time getting to learn about different cultures and learning to live and volunteer in a foreign country.
- Kasese United Humanist Association in inviting request from potential Humanists and Atheists all over the world to help and sponsor any of the 40 Orphans and Needy Students at Kilembe valley humanist nursey/primary school, interested Foster parents are requested to write to the School Project Coordinator or Write to the Director, KUHA, P.O.Box 58 Kasese Uganda or Email for details.
- We Request for Financial or Material Donations in support to the the school such that we are in position to run the school and advance it to greater heights.
- We request international vistors getting a tour to Uganda to visit us at Kasese united humanist association or the school and assess  what we are doing and perhaps look at our accomplishments and the load we are carrying.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our current activities

- The Association has set up a Public Library which is now open to the general public.
- We are promoting Free inquiry, humanism and free thought to people in our community.
-  We are holding regular meetings with our members educating them about humanism, free thought and sciences.These meetings are held twice in a month,every first and last sunday in a month.
- We are promoting  sciences among students and pupils by availing to them access to science books and we are planning to be holding seminars,debates on the uselfulness and goodness of science in boosting development.
- We are raising a voice on all forms of injustices, discrimination against our people especially on domestic matters, Civil liberties, Homophobia and Human rights freedoms.
- We are engaged in establishment of Nursery beds and so far we have got one nursery seed bed in Bukangara along Bwera-Kasese Road. One of our members has provided a 13 acre piece of land to help our association in utilising it for Tree Nursery beds,we plan setting up a Botanical garden, practicing organic farming,promote eco-tourism on this land,its situated in Bugoye sub-county,Busongora North in Kasese district.
- We are  lobbying for assistance from western donor nations to support the less privileged and vulnerable persons like orphans, street children, disabled persons and widows.The assistance sought is needed to cater for the provision of basic needs for these people.
- We are supporting our members by offering advice, skills on how to run income generating activities and looking for them better markets for their products.  Some of our members are engaged in small scale poultry, goat keeping and Bee keeping.
- We have established a Parties & functions equipments for hire service to act as an income generating venture for the Association in which we help people having events and functions to use our Chairs.The association is yet to purchase Plates,sauce pans and Tents for hire so that this service accomodates well the needs of our people.

- We have managed to create some friends of our association with international organizations based in USA,UK and Australia.
- Opening up of the Public Library which is now in operation ready to offer knowledge on science and freethought readable contents.
-  Nursery beds to provide the tree species are now in place though we still seeds and seedlings.
- Registration of the Association with the local authorities.
Certified documents of our organization:
- We have our office on plot 31 matebere road.
- A Post office box serving  as a Mailing address is in place.
- Our blog on the worlwide web is operational and can be accessed any time,any where worldwide.
- We now have a Bank Account in the names of our organization.
- Our membership enrolment is gradually increasing since we started mid last year (2009).

Importances of being a Skeptical / Atheist / Humanist / Rationalist / Freethinker

Importances of being a Skeptical / Atheist / Humanist / Rationalist / Freethinker
Humanists are much concerned advocating for a free world because we want to live in a world where we are surrounded by rational, knowledgeable people who care about critical thinking. We care because the world would be a better place if it were not populated by powerful fantasies in spirits,rewards,spirits,hell etc.
Many atrocities have been committed in the name of a Supernatural omnipotent God,taking and example of what is taking place Israel and Palestine,What is happening in Nigeria between muslims and christians and this has caused loss of lives in the name of religion,i guess this world could have been a better place assuming such divisons along religious lines were present.The september 11th attack on the world trade center building in New York is something not worth forgetting, done in the name of religious fundamentalism.
Humanists try to use our brains to separate what is worthy of belief from what is not, and we stand to be corrected incase we are proved wrong.We believe this is a good thing to give chance to understand the world we live in better other than doing some thing or taking it to be absolute truth.We care because we value honesty and integrity, and we know that our lives will be better if those around us also value honesty and integrity.
Humanists and other rational people are more concerned by the high rate of hypocrisy evidenced in our people's actions for example political and religious leaders proclaim that "all human life is sacred"and the very people are "destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life some thing which is  not ethical,"by this i mean existence of religious wars and potical wars which have different motives influencing them to happen like economics mostly.
Does science has the answer to all our questions?
Humanists believe Science can answer only empirical questions and it can't answer all empirical questions. That's why science is so interesting. If it can't answer a question it doesn't give up and declare a miracle has happened. Science tries to figure out a way to answer those questions it cannot now answer. Science isn't infallible and it often gets the wrong answer. Unlike irrational faith, however, science has ways of determining when it has made errors and ways of correcting those errors.
Science has a set of public methods for investigating, debating, arguing, and resolving empirical disputes. These disputes are best dealt with by scientists in the scientific arena.
Isn't skepticism (or atheism) or Humanism a kind of religion with its own faith in science (and reason)?
The answer is a capital NO due to the points mentioned below:
- Humanism,skepticism is not a set of beliefs and Nor is atheism.
- They do not have elaborate mythologies built around them.
- They don't involve practicing any rituals.
- There isn't worshipping anyone or anything.
- In science we use logic, and reason in the attempt to root out error, not perpetuate it by disallowing challenges to beliefs, as religions do.
- There is no belief in rewards and punishment ie Talking about heavens and hell,angels,ghosts.
- There is no devine revelations in science and we do not believe in them for they lack real tangible evidence.
- There is no "holy or sacred books" in science,hte question scientists ask is who determined that such books should be holy or not?Who placed there such categorization.
- There is no virgin births in science,science is all about reality,its not mythical......
Compiled by:
Bwambale Robert
Kasese United Humanist Association

Book Appeal Campaign still goes on at KUHA

Kasese united humanist association public library
Kasese united humanist association has been mobilising book resources on Humanism,Freethought and Sciences since june 2009 and so far the campaign has been going on smoothly though only a section of friends have assisted.
Our Director of the association has made lots of appeal requests to individuals and organizations,good enough those with a kind attitude have responded while others have just kept a deaf ear to our request but we are optimistic more assistance will come in after we have opened this library late this month of Feb 2010.
Importances of this library
- Its going to act as a resource centre to offering knowledge about Humanism and free thought.
- Its going to reduce on iddleness and redundancy among our youths as they will be engaged in reading our literatures.
- People utilising this library will realise that indeed Humanist principles,mode of life,Humanist values are indeed the best for we aim at shaping our people into free people with free minds,free from dogma and indoctrination.
- This library will be a meeting point of people giving them chance to interract with each other in sharing ideas.
- This library is going to act a research centre to all those who still can believe that man really  using his reasoning capabilities can make this world a better place,many books in stock can therefore be in position to provide answers to controversial issues especially concerning Science and Religion.
Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library
Its a wise idea taking your time and donate books,magazines,periodicals,newsletters and journals to our association as these items will help thousands of people in kasese district yearning to know Science and Free thought.
Its a wise idea especially among we humanists,atheists,agnostics and other rationalists in general with lots of books in our personal bookshelves not respond to a such call like this one to help those who need also to get knowledge which actually is the foundation of our idealogy.
You can Help our Book Appeal Campaign in any of these ways
- Get a book off your shelf ,bring or send to us.
- In case you belong to a group you can choose someone to collect those books and send to us.
- A kind person can also help our association be put on the mailing list of their newsletter and journals.
- Be kind and help us pay for subscription costs to a book or magazine company in your locality to allow our association be put on the mailing list to start receiving those reading materials for example we could love to be reading latest Humanist magazines and periodicals from around the world.
More books needed in the subjects listed below:
- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Home economics, Small business books, Leisure magazines,  Scientific journals, Humanist magazines, Geography books, Medical periodicals and journals.
Contact Information for the Library
All letters or packages to our book mobilization campaigns should be addressed as below:
The Library Section,
Kasese united humanist association
P.O.Box 58
East Africa

Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library

Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library
Its a wise idea taking your time and donate books,magazines,periodicals,newsletters and journals to our association as these items will help thousands of people in kasese district yearning to know Science and Free thought.
Its a wise idea especially among we humanists,atheists,agnostics and other rationalists in general with lots of books in our personal bookshelves not respond to a such call like this one to help those who need also to get knowledge which actually is the foundation of our idealogy.
Our Public library is going to be a beneficiary of books donated by Books Abroad Organization and this is going to strengthen our book bank as its gonna help us get access to books on a wide variety of subjects.
You can Help our Book Appeal Campaign in any of these ways
- Get a book off your personal book library or shelf ,bring or send to us.
- In case you belong to a group, you can volunteer and collect those books and send them to us.
- You can also help our association by putting us on the mailing list of a certain newsletter, journals or magazine.
- You can help us pay for subscription costs to a book or magazine company in your locality and instruct the company to be sending to us copies by post mail.
- You can go ahead and support our library grow by aiding us financially.We now have a Bank Account in the names of Kasese united humanist association and incase you have such kind of support,write to us for full bank details on our email
Contact Information for the Library
All letters or packages to our book mobilization campaigns should be addressed as below:
The Library Section,
Kasese united humanist association
P.O.Box 58
East Africa

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recent developments at Kasese united humanist association

About the Public Library:
The library is now operational and the community people are complimenting our innovation,though the number of readable materials on the shelves are still small,we still appeal for more readable resources.The struggle to dessiminate knowledge into our people isn't for KUHA alone but for all of us so we still request for book donations from friends,welwishers.
We would like also to place a computer in this library because it will help us in keeping data on the books,magazines and newsletter records at the same time helping our organization in its office work,we also require a Printer, a scanner or a Photocopier.All these are vital requirements in a modern library.

Association Bank Account:
Kasese united humanist association has opened a bank account in our names,this bank account is a necessity just like any other institutions or persons for it will help us in keeping our Associations funds,easing remmittance of international funds from friends,sympathisers and welwishers.
Our Account was opened with POSTBANK UGANDA, Kasese Branch
Account Name: Kasese United Humanist association
Account Number: 2110031000025

Publicity of our association:
We have installed a Sign post along the main road (Kasese - Mbarara road) to display our name and what we stand for.Another signpost has been placed just opposite our office.The purpose of this is to guide our vistors not to get lost and at the same time letting the world know of our existence.Our people still know little about being a Humanist but we are optimistic once they read and discover what humanist values and ethics is all about we shall succeed and transform the kasese community into a better place.

Income Generating Activity for KUHA
Our members in our first meeting early this month proposed that since we are a new organization and have not secured any funding both locally and internationaly,there was a need to put in place an activity where the association can be tapping some little shillings to help in the running of day to day activities and office maintenance.
Members proposed a Parties & Functions Equipments for Hire service.The items to be purchased for usage were as follows: Plastic Chairs, Tents , Plates , 2 Plastic Water tanks, 5 Bigsize Sauce pans.These items are to be hired at events by people in our community and at the same time our organization can still use them when it has functions.
With the funds so far raised we have started with 46 Plastic chairs.
Soon we are still drafting a proposal to forward to our friends to request them to help us in this activity because if at all we have a good financial background then work in implementing our activities will be easy because we need to hold seminars,print brochures,pay our workers,provide allowances to our colleagues going into the field,we plan to sponsor programs on local radio stations especially those on matters of Human rights, Environment and Health.

Compiled by :
Bwambale Robert
Kasese United Humanist Association

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kuha Public Library Opens

Kasese United Humanist Association Public Library:
Kasese united humanist association has opened the doors of its Public Library.The library is located next to KUHA office on Plot 31 Matebere road,Kiteso Upper and is stocking books on Humanism,Free thought literature,Science books,Free thought journals & newsletters.
The library opens three times in a week,Every Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and on weekends( Saturday's & Sunday's) from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Its open to the general public and kasese united humanist association members.
The library facility still needs more books to meet the demands of people in our community so the campaign for more book donations is welcome.
More Books Needed are as below:
- Biology books
- Chemistry books
- Physics books
- Agriculture books
- Home economics books
- Small business books
- Leisure magazines
- Scientific journals
- Humanist magazines
- Geography books
Incase you would love to support Kasese united humanist association Public Library,send your book donation to the address below:
Library Section,
Kasese united humanist association
P.O.Box 58

" Working for the Betterment of Humanity "

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is Being a HUMANIST ?

What is a Humanist ?
A Humanist is a person who choses to live a lifestyle of using reasoning as a major tool in solving worldly problems with no attachment to a super natural intervention.humanists strongly believe that the use of the mind has got answers to solving problems and puzzles we encounter in life.Reasoning is the process of thinking about things in a logical,scientific and philosophical way,the Brain does this work.
Below are some of the things that makes humanists so special:
- Humanists take full control of their lives and they donot think of supernaturals to be incharge of lives for example donot believe in gods,spirits.
- Humanists believe that moral ideas arose in the course of evolution,humanists strongly believe humans have a role to play in shaping morals in society,its concerned with improving happiness and welfare of the entire human race and have got a belief that human effort alone can make this world a better place,Humanists are encouraged to participate in developmental activities by being active in all they are doing.
- Humanists respects the scientific world and encourages all people to back science by promoting it for it explains well all that is in this universe,its formation,people's origin and all the things that have made man understand this universe is through science.It should be noted that most scientists are humanists for example Darwin of Origin of Species,Galileo who made the first Telescope,Socrates,Huxley,Richard Dawkins,Thomas Paine to mention but afew.
- Humanists do not belief that there is a life after death as it is among the religious faithfuls and with Humanists they belief that when some one dies,he or she decomposes and the fleshy parts becomes soil,the bones may also with time decompose and the mineralogical componets get incorparated in the soil.We have a belief that the mind and body make up a person and there is no way you can separate the two so when you die that is the end of your life on earth.
- humanists try to keep their thinking  and have no monopoly over knowledge nor nobody is a custodian of knowledge and they believe humans do make mistakes.We dont just accept things any how for there is chance of asking why,where,when,how and which in an attempt to study something fully,there is room to question why something has happened,what caused it,where it was caused,who was behind that thing etecetra.
- Humanists will always believe in something that has vivid tangible evidence and this is the reason why most people has looked the other side most especially those believing in Devine revelations for example if there is an earthquake stricking in some part,a humanist will not get surprised but will just know that is due to Earth shaking and areas with fault line (weak joints) has caused this,if there is a volcano we will not get surprised for we know that the innermost layer core is very hot and possibly the existence of a fault or a vent favored this to happen.
- Humanists enjoy life to the fully and have got no stress of thinking about hell or heaven,they do not believe in either of these,dont belief in people with wings (angels),un seen things (spirits), Myths ,Dreams,Satan (spirit) to mention but afew so minus all this life becomes good for a humanist.
Humanists advocates for doing good things for man kind, no seggregation,are compassionate people,advocate for observance of democtratic system of governments,are against beliefs in all forms of superstition.
Would you also like to become a Humanist?
The choice is yours but my advice is do what your mind tells you to do,after all you have got some facts about who Humanists are? ,what they are for ?
Well,we welcome you to be part of us and in case you feel you wanted to belong to a community of Humanists,Feel free and send to us an email,write to

Philosophical differences between Science & Religion

The world we are living in is facing real hard time between the religious and scientific world and as a matter of fact these two do not match,some thing that poses a real danger to our universe,humanity and the environment:
Below are some of the observations separating the two:
- Science addresses only the naturally ocuring phenomena and has no attachment to belief in a personal god or a supernatural being while for any thing to be qualified as a religion it should have an attachment to a supernatural being a god or gods,heaven,hell,holy ghosts,angels etc.
- Religion derives its belief  system from "Devine revelation" and from "inner conviction" for example its believed that the authors of the bible were prophets who were inspired by the holy spirit and that these spirits directed them on what to write through dreams while science derives its laws from real- world experimentation,through mathematical and logical reasoning.It should be noted that scientists analyse natural phonomena,do experiments in the laboratories,study their findings and design and prove their findings.
- In science there is no believing in something without seeing it physically ie there is a neccesity of evidence for one to believe something  where as among religions there is no chance to ask inquisitive questions otherwise one risk to be labeled as belonging to the devil moreover such a person would be looking forward for an explanation on something he or she does not know.
- The religious individual strives to behave "morally" in order to please God and to gain heavenly reward while the science minded individual derives his or her ethical system from the real-world consequences of his actions upon others and upon himself.This action among religionists have put them in funny moods and has led to hypocrisy among the believers presenting a face value that they are fully committed to obeying the laws or commandments.
- Where as a science knowledgeable person will try and draw explanations for all the events taking place on our planet and in the galaxies like the falling of meteorites,earth quakes,tsunamies and tornados,volcanicity,falling of rain to mention but afew, For a religious person would just conclude when any of the events surface ;that its God who has sent them.Lets take an example of a falling rain,can some one convince that its sent by a supernatural when science has got better explanations for rain formation via relief,convectional,land & sea breeze and vegetation cover.
- In the world of science,its not a one man's show for any one is free to criticize and carry on his own experiments,do research on anything he or she feels is not satisfied with and in case this happens new theories and evidence in case of errors made earlier by original scientists can be corrected and give chance to new theories replacing older theories.This one under religions there is no cristism of the Teachings and one would again be labelled a sinner or devilish,"Holy Books" as they are called have lived for centuries but because of sections among believers still we do notice some variations for example the Jewish Bible is not like the King James version and the same is to the Jehovahs witness bible and the New International Version (NIV),These actions of criticisms led to disintegration paving way to sects for example among the Christian church has got many divisions under one leader CHRIST. originally catholics,then protestants,orthodox,adventists,baptists,methodists,presybeterians,born-again christians or Evangelicals,jehovahs witness and each of these thought see Jesus christ as their leader but the teachings in these churches arent the same and each section sees itself as the only one with a connection to heaven.It should be noted that also Catholicism have divided into Conservative catholics,Charismatic catholics and Reformed catholics.
- Scientists strongly believe that we human beings are a product of nature and we came to be what we are as a product of evolution,We developed from a single cell which was originally a matter.Scientists went on to even design laws that are scientifically proven that backs this for example the Law stating that "Matter can neither be created nor destroyed".Nature operates on natural laws for example all the natural catastrophies are governed by nature alone and have no cordination to a supernatural.
We as people who share this planet together,why all these differences,why can we come together and live as a single entity and concentrate on things that will make us "one people".This might be a hard thing to achieve as each side is pulling on its side but special thanks to our Government of the Republic of Uganda,it has put much emphasis on the promotion of science education in schools and this is a good idea because it will reveal all the facts,our people should be encouraged that science is a dynamic subject and each day new theories and discoveries are made,new inventions are made as well and in this era of  information age let science explain it all !.
From my research about Science and religion,i read that Early scientists who designed laws,made inventions for example Galileo and Isaac Newton,Darwin,Huxley had a rough time with creationists but all the same they had a losing battle for science still governs the world and its here to stay.
Readers of this article can send in their thoughts,comments,additions and subtractions on what needs to be done between these two rivals,just email
"working for the Betterment of Humanity"