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Monday, January 25, 2010

Update about the Book Mobilization Campaign

This exercise begun in June last year 2009 immediately after our registration with the local authorities and much of the mobilization was in the efforts of the Director of the organization to search for the contacts over the internet and from friends all over the world.
The exercise will go on till we feel we have got a better foundation and we do encourage organizations in the humanist world,those advocating for human rights emancipation and advocancy groups,Environmental conservationist organizations plus individuals who have a heart in protecting our mother nature plus those crying behind us in the problems we are having in Uganda should help us and get us literature about running small businesses as well which is going to benefit our people alleviate poverty,ignorance and disease.
Below is a list of organizations that have helped us with some literature:
- The SanFrancisco Atheists based in California USA.
- Free Inquiry Council for secular Humanism is helping us with books and newsletters of The Examiner,a newsletter by African Americans for Humanism and special thanks goes to Mr Norm Allen Jr.
- The Rationalist society of Australia sent to us 40 Journals of the Australian rationalist journal and special thanks goes to Dr Meredith Doig for standing with us in this exercise.
- Gays and Lesbian Humanist organization send to us a book consignment with a list of books and we are yet to receive it soon,special thanks goes to Mr David Christmas for the assistance.
- The Director of Kuha Mr Bwambale Robert donated 15 Books with science content to the library and promised to provide some more books in biology and geography.
- We received so far 2 magazines from the International Humanist News from IHEU with assistance from the Editor of this magazine.
- Cornwall humanists based in the United Kingdom have gave us a promise to ship a list of books,journals and magazines so that we get started and have promised to have us be put on mailing list.Special thanks goes to Madam Glynne-Rule Linnea of South Place Ethical Society acting on behalf of cornwall humanists who has spear headed this exercise.
- We are also looking forward to receiving books from the Halton Peel Humanist community based in Canada.
- Other promises comes all the way from sympathisers all over the world and at the end of this month we shall publish a list of new people and organizations who have helped us so far in this book drive.
- We have so far gathered atleast 126 different book titles,36 Newletters,4 magazines and 40 rationalist journals.
- We still need local science books that are used in Ugandan secondary schools curriculum especially in Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Geography.
- The Library is scheduled to open in the month of February 2010 at a date to be fixed by the Executive Board of our organization.
- We encourage more organizations and kind individuals to donate more materials even from their personal book libraries for the betterment of our group.Those who have got the capacity to help us not via book resources like finances or library materials like furnitures,computer,scanner or a printer which are also part and parcel of a modern library can also notify by emailing us on our official email address
- On behalf of the management and members of Kasese united humanist association,we do send our note of appreciation to all those individuals and organizations for their support towards our association and we do believe this is a good start in our effort to promoting the Humanist movement in our country.