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Monday, May 31, 2010

current activities at Kasese united humanist association

 - The Association is running a Public Library which is now open to the general public. It opens Monday – Saturday , 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
- We are running a school called Kilembe Valley Humanist Primary School, the first secular school in Kasese district set up on the Foundation of Humanism and Science. The school support young pupils in availing to them primary school education. For more information about the school you can visit the school website at
- We are promoting Free inquiry, humanism and free thought to people in our community. We are doing this by arranging meetings with the locals and Under ground house to house approach. We are holding regular meetings with our members educating them about humanism, free thought and sciences. These meetings are held twice in a month, every first and last Sunday in a month.
- We are promoting  Science Education among students and pupils by availing to them access to science books and we are planning to be holding seminars, debates on the usefulness and goodness of science in boosting development. Plans are under way to move around schools in western Uganda area to encourage them open up Science & Humanist Clubs.
- We are raising a voice on all forms of injustices, discrimination against our people especially on domestic matters, Civil liberties, Homophobia and Human rights freedoms.
- We are engaged in establishment of Nursery beds  in Kasese District. we plan setting up a Botanical garden and practicing organic farming,
- We are  lobbying for assistance from western donor nations to support the less privileged and vulnerable persons like orphans, street children, disabled persons and widows. The assistance sought is needed to cater for the provision of basic needs for these people.