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Friday, November 12, 2010

New school to open in kasese municipality in 2011

Kasese united humanist association is planning opening up another school in kasese town, the new school is to be called Kasese Humanist Primary School and is to be fully managed by Kasese united humanist association.
The new school will be offering nursery and primary education to young  people aged between 4 and 13 years and as a start we plan to offer nursery class to Primary four Class.More classes will be added each year to the recommended   
primary seven.
The new school will be opening in Early February 2011 and the  reason we plan extending to Kasese  is to allow the young people in  our communities to benefit from the quality of Education in a secular environment free from dogma and indoctrination.
Kasese united humanist association (KUHA) is appealing to the international community to help in supporting the organization such that this school is set up. Atheist Alliance International is working hand in hand with our organization to ensure that this new school is set up.
Other members in the rationalist world plus all those who wish the African Child to get chance and access Education should help in sending assistance so that the school project becomes a success.
Financial donations should be wired through Atheist Alliance International based in USA and the contact person is STUART BECHMAN at email   or sent direct to Kasese united humanist association bank account details which are available on request. A detailed bank account information can be accessed on our website at
Thank you.