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Friday, November 25, 2011

Parents Day/1st Anniversary set for 4th December 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School will on 4th December 2011 be celebrating its 1st year of existence. On the same day all the Parents and Guardians plus all the children will converge at the school to have happy moments between the Teachers, Parents plus a selected few respectable people from the local authorities within Kasese Municipality.
This very day, the parents will take school reports of their children, get chance to listen to songs, plays, artworks displays from the children.
Members of the general public are also welcome to the event.
We are so thankful for the support the Parents/Guardians and the international community have extended towards supporting the school materially, morally and financially and we remain committed to providing quality secular education to Ugandan Children in our efforts to ensure we realize reliable, meaningful, morally brought up children for a better tomorrow.
With Science, we can progress

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary school visited by East African Play grounds team

Kasese Humanist Primary school, a school run and managed by Kasese United Humanist Association on Sunday 16th October hosted a team of 4 visitors from East African Playgrounds Organization, a UK Charity that engages in activities of constructing play grounds for local schools and communities in East Africa.
The Team was so grateful visiting the school, they were welcomed to the school by the School Director Bwambale Robert and were toured around the school together with the school Head Teacher Masereka Ndyanabo David.
The Team explained to us that right now they are embarking on a series of play ground projects and encouraged us to look at helping us with uplifting our ground in some years to come. The play ground we have at the school not only benefits the school alone but also the local community around Railway Village.
East African website can be visited at
Below is a Photograph of the team, From Left to Right, Jack, Jinja Gentleman, Our school Head Teacher, Carla and Mr Tom , Photo taken by Bwambale Robert.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First video show at Kasese Humanist School

On a cool Monday Evening the children at  Kasese Humanist Primary School were entertained to watch a film about the usefulness of science that is presented in a songlike manner. The tile of the first film was They might be Giants.... Here comes Science.
The children were very happy seeing this film as it was filled with cartoons . The school Head Teacher , The school Director Bwambale Robert plus all the teaching staff attended the show.
The second film shown to the children was about the life of mammals which was also enjoyed.
The video screen plus a DVD Player was provided by the school Director and the films within the custody of Kasese United Humanist Association were provided by Daniel Rosenberg based in Hong Kong who was among a team of volunteers that were sent to the Kilembe school in 2010.
As the school now has Electricity, its now easy for our pupils to access study on screens, computers or even go online.
Free thinkers the world over should aendevor to visit the school or support the school project materially or financially so  that the school stands the stiff competition between religious schools and secular based schools.
More film shows will be shown to the pupils once in a while .
More photos of the children
Kids keenly following  the progress of the video
The school Head Teacher explaining to the children what the film is all about in the picture below:
More info about the school, visit the school website at

Monday, September 19, 2011

Events at Khps this 3rd Term of 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School re-opened  for 3rd Term on 5th Sepember with a Total number of 121 pupils on the first day,and the school is now in the third week and lots of happenings going on at the school.
The school has cleared the Operation Permit for the year 2011-2012 Year Financial year with local authorities.
The school has received mega donation of $1000 from Todd Stiefel Free thought Foundation and these funds are ear marked to aid in the extension on the building structures as we prepare for P.7 plus more class rooms.
Renovation work on the new extension is in progress, beginning with wiring and painting of the new structures, photos are shown below:

Wiring and Electrifying the school
The school is now served with AC Current, Electricity is much needed at the school to run appliances for the school like computers, electronics and providing light at night for better security of school property. The photo showing the lights already lighting up is as below:

Photo showing wiring work at the new extension site is as below:
Photograph taken today at a Morning Parade of the Students shown below:

You can support the school through Atheist alliance International by donating online via paypal on a link available on the AAI website. The link is shown below:

You can also visit the school website to get to know more about the school via the link below:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School has received a donation of a Printer, Mats & some scholastic supplies from Ms Jenny Julien based in Miami Forida in the United States of America.
The donation was delivered to the school through the School Director  Bwambale Robert who displayed the computer printer plus all the donated gifts to the pupils. The school Director thanked Jenny Julien for the donation and also told the gathering that the school is going to be having electricity soon as wiring of the class room blocks, the Laboratory plus the school office is now complete.
What is limiting right now is the funds amounting to $200 US needed by the Uganda Electricity Board (UMEME) for a fresh connection. The school director is encouraging friends of Kasese Humanist Primary School to continue supporting the school materially and financially as the school still needs computers for learning on, more text books and improving on the meals offered to the teachers and the children plus improving on the salaries we give to our teachers.
Below are photos of the event when the Printer plus the donated gifts being shown to the children at the school campus.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lets preserve, conserve & protect the environment

Kasese Humanist Primary School is going to erect a  fresh Tree on the roof top of its Administrative Office, plans are in progress putting in place a shelter on the roof top and this time its not going to be an iron roof but a tree shade. The tree is going to be planted in the already constructed tree enclosure which has been fixed on top of the School Administration Office courtesy of  The School Founder Bwambale Robert. He  donated  a bag of cement plus all the bricks to this cause and in addition he has provided a tree plus a number of flowers to put in the tins which are being placed at the extreme corners on the roof top.
The tree symbolizes our strong commitment to preserving nature and protecting the Environment. Upon completion the Tree Enclosure plus the strategically placed tins will accommodate the soil and a fresh tree plus  flowers will be planted in there. Both the tin and the Tree enclosure  will be painted and messages will be added on to them.
Below are some picture shots showing the progress of the work.

Below is a Photo showing the Plastered Tree Enclosure with some vents at either sides all over to facilitate aeration of the soil micro organisms as we shall be adding soil rich in manure to facilitate the tree to survive.

The picture below shows the front view of the added structure as it appears  above on the Administration Office. To get to know more about the school, visit the school website at

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on second term 2011 at kasese humanist primary school

Pupils at Kasese Humanist Primary School have begun sitting for mid-term examinations which is a paper released by nationwide examination setters authorized to set examinations to Ugandan Schools.
A total of 230 pupils at the school this term are now busy in their exams that are to be done up to friday 01 this week .
Right now at the school durings  Games Time, our students are busy practising Music so that we tap out those talented in the field of music so we can  set up a School Choir. This Choir is going to be releasing music that we intend to put on CDs in MP3 and MP4 formats and this can generate income which can help in boosting the school.  However we still use the local drums and we could require modern music equipments.
The international community is encouraged to assist in supporting the school such that we accomplish our goals of promoting free thought in style and disapprove those who think that being Atheist or Humanist is not good, what matters is to look at our selves as humans and that is it!,we have to look at ways of making life better for all Humanity irrespective of your beliefs,where you come from,where you are black,white,coloured etc .
You can Sponsor a child in our school as a means of supporting the school. A Child Sponsorship Form has been placed on our website so you can fill out the form and submit it then we shall communicate back to you. The link is here below: and an update of the list indicating children already sponsored plus those awaiting sponsorship is on this very website too, the link to the page is at the link below:
A second parents meeting is planned for next weekend on Sunday 10th July  2011.
We are in the 5th Week of second term and we have 7 more weeks towards end of Second Term.
I send deep thanks to all friends and organizations that have stood by our side and help in supporting our school. I can not thank person by person, that is the reason i have put the information on our school website.

"Working for the Betterment of Humanity"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paypal Donation link

Donate to the KUHA SCHOOL

You can donate funds to Kasese Humanist Primary School  online using the Paypal facility available on the AAI website via the link below:
We appreciate your generosity in assisting Kasese Humanist Primary School, We highly recommend Atheist Alliance International to act as a conduit of funds to us from the diaspora. We welcome ideas, views , comments and suggestions on how we can improve our school to better standards.You can email the Kasese United Humanist association at:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kasese United Humanist Association: Renovation exercise of the Staff Toilets at the ka...

Kasese United Humanist Association: Renovation exercise of the Staff Toilets at the ka...: "Kasese Humanist Primary school in an effort to strengthening the school hygiene is currently putting in place a Staff Toilet. Currently bo..."

Renovation exercise of the Staff Toilets at the kasese humanist school

Kasese Humanist Primary school in an effort to strengthening the school hygiene is currently
putting in place a Staff Toilet.
Currently both the children and the member of staffs were utilizing the 3 Door Toilet that was
constructed in the late months of November last year as the school was making initial
preparations of the school site.
The fact that the building properties were formerly being used by workers of the defunct
Uganda Railways Corporation, they had their own toilets but lacked a proper sewage system,
the pipes were blocked, dilapidated and rusty and bushes could be noticed around the housing
properties. The collapse of the company caused all the social infrastructure in this area and
many parts where they had railway stations to collapse. All the services came to a stand still and
those who remained occupying those houses didn't care in maintaining them. Also owing to the
high level of poverty, unemployment worsened the situation.
As we were laying out plans to construct a new toilet to be used by our staffs at the school, we
identified the pipes that were taking the wastes to an unknown Septic Tank which was finally
discovered just adjacent to the pit latrine that we had put earlier and the presence of this septic
Tank is good news to able us not to incur lots of expenses as all that is needed is to remove the
contents in that tank and leave it empty, re-cementing the inside part of the tank and also
building around the two openings of this Septic Tank plus renovation work on the toilets
I am appealing to Friends of Kasese Humanist Primary School where ever they might be to assist
us in donating to the school so that we put every thing in the right order. The Uganda Ministry
of Education & Sports encourages school establishment to have separate toilets for the Staff
from that of the students.
You can watch a video clip of the septic tank at the KUHA SCHOOL PROJECT on You Tube at the link below:

Below is a photo of the proposed Staff Toilet, in the Photograph Bwambale Robert, The School
Director is seen keeping a watch as labourers do their work of tracing the path taken by the
underground sewage pipes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School gets Pens Donation

Kasese Humanist Primary School on 5th May 2011 received a donation of Pens from Pen For Kids Organization based in Denmark.
There was a shipment of 2000 pens which was received by the School Project Director and the pens are meant to be distributed to students at our school while other pens are to be distributed to a selected number of schools.The pens are likely to take the school for a full year.
Special thanks goes to  Mr Claus Hjornet  of Pen For Kids Organization and The Rezidor Hotel Group  for this generous donation .
Long live, Kasese Humanist Primary School,Long live Pen for Kids Denmark, Long Live The Rezidor Hotel Group.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

End of Term One Report from the Head Teacher of Kasese Humanist Primary School

Kasese Humanist Primary School ended its first term on 21st April 2011 and the school is going to re-open on 23rd May 2011.
A school report written by the School Head Teacher can be downloaded from the school website at the link

 some of the students making some strokes during their free time on the last day at the closure of the school term.

some of the students resting on the veranda waiting for their school report files at the closure of first term, they posed for a photograph.
 Some children on the last day of term ending seen outside the school office and among them are needy orphaned children who are already enrolled in the school.
 Our teachers are shown in the photograph with files of reports awaiting to be given to the parents and guardians who turned up on 21st.April as the school closed.
Some of our parents are seen clearing with the school office which refers them to the teachers to issue out school report files to the parents.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kasese United Humanist Association: First Term Examinations begins today 11th April 20...

Kasese United Humanist Association: First Term Examinations begins today 11th April 20...: "Kasese Humanist Primary School is beginning the first examination today and the exercise is to go on for the whole of the next 3 days and th..."

First Term Examinations begins today 11th April 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School is beginning the first examination today and the exercise is to go on for the whole of the next 3 days and the school term is ending on 21st April 2011.
Students are expected to do all the papers in the four subjects taught at primary level and in addition to those from P.4 to P.6 are going to do a paper in Humanism.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Students at the Assembly

You can support the school learn more about the school by visiting the school website at the link below:  and in our efforts to ensure that the school performs to the best standard and expectations, a lot of input in terms of latest School Text Books, Wall Charts, School Supplies, Better Teachers Salaries, Better Laboratory Equipments, Electricity to the Classrooms,Nice Meals to the children and the Teaching Staff.
All the above requires an input of Material and Financial resources and you can create an impact by getting involved in supporting the school or passing on this information to people who can help. You can donate via the Paypal link at :
Thanks for supporting the KUHASCHOOLPROJECT.

Thursday, February 3, 2011