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Monday, September 19, 2011

Events at Khps this 3rd Term of 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School re-opened  for 3rd Term on 5th Sepember with a Total number of 121 pupils on the first day,and the school is now in the third week and lots of happenings going on at the school.
The school has cleared the Operation Permit for the year 2011-2012 Year Financial year with local authorities.
The school has received mega donation of $1000 from Todd Stiefel Free thought Foundation and these funds are ear marked to aid in the extension on the building structures as we prepare for P.7 plus more class rooms.
Renovation work on the new extension is in progress, beginning with wiring and painting of the new structures, photos are shown below:

Wiring and Electrifying the school
The school is now served with AC Current, Electricity is much needed at the school to run appliances for the school like computers, electronics and providing light at night for better security of school property. The photo showing the lights already lighting up is as below:

Photo showing wiring work at the new extension site is as below:
Photograph taken today at a Morning Parade of the Students shown below:

You can support the school through Atheist alliance International by donating online via paypal on a link available on the AAI website. The link is shown below:

You can also visit the school website to get to know more about the school via the link below: