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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary school visited by East African Play grounds team

Kasese Humanist Primary school, a school run and managed by Kasese United Humanist Association on Sunday 16th October hosted a team of 4 visitors from East African Playgrounds Organization, a UK Charity that engages in activities of constructing play grounds for local schools and communities in East Africa.
The Team was so grateful visiting the school, they were welcomed to the school by the School Director Bwambale Robert and were toured around the school together with the school Head Teacher Masereka Ndyanabo David.
The Team explained to us that right now they are embarking on a series of play ground projects and encouraged us to look at helping us with uplifting our ground in some years to come. The play ground we have at the school not only benefits the school alone but also the local community around Railway Village.
East African website can be visited at
Below is a Photograph of the team, From Left to Right, Jack, Jinja Gentleman, Our school Head Teacher, Carla and Mr Tom , Photo taken by Bwambale Robert.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First video show at Kasese Humanist School

On a cool Monday Evening the children at  Kasese Humanist Primary School were entertained to watch a film about the usefulness of science that is presented in a songlike manner. The tile of the first film was They might be Giants.... Here comes Science.
The children were very happy seeing this film as it was filled with cartoons . The school Head Teacher , The school Director Bwambale Robert plus all the teaching staff attended the show.
The second film shown to the children was about the life of mammals which was also enjoyed.
The video screen plus a DVD Player was provided by the school Director and the films within the custody of Kasese United Humanist Association were provided by Daniel Rosenberg based in Hong Kong who was among a team of volunteers that were sent to the Kilembe school in 2010.
As the school now has Electricity, its now easy for our pupils to access study on screens, computers or even go online.
Free thinkers the world over should aendevor to visit the school or support the school project materially or financially so  that the school stands the stiff competition between religious schools and secular based schools.
More film shows will be shown to the pupils once in a while .
More photos of the children
Kids keenly following  the progress of the video
The school Head Teacher explaining to the children what the film is all about in the picture below:
More info about the school, visit the school website at