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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Secret Atheist Blog: Still Waiting For the Eggs!

My Secret Atheist Blog: Still Waiting For the Eggs!: I got a short update from Bwambale Robert about the Poultry Project at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.  Still no eggs, bu...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

KHPS Candidates Fair well Party 2012 in pictures

Kasese Humanist Primary School on Sunday 25th.November 2012 held a colorful event which was a FAIR WELL PARTY held at the school campus in one of the halls. The Guest of Honour was Mr Turuganya who is currently the Municipal Education Officer,Kasese Municipality. Other invited guests in attendance at the event were the delegates from Kasese United Humanist Association, The Khps School Management Committee, Khps PTA representative, The entire School Staff plus the candidates 2012. The function involved short speeches, eats and Dancing. The function ran from 10.00 AM to 7:00 PM Below is a pictorial of the event. With science, we can progress.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanic Gardens' photostream

a photo across the gardenrobert in the gardenspalm tree plant growingKHBG PhotosBwambale's wife ontour of the khbgKHBG Photos
Beans and maize wing at khbgUpper part of the gardenslower part of the gardensFort Portal Mpondwe roadorange treeseedlings for umbrella trees
Zea MaysMangifera indica speciesJack fruit seedlingsAvocado seedsRobert poses for a photo in KHBGManihot esculenta
a section of the gardens

Check out latest news in photos about what is taking place at Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens. Remember this project is being done in phases. The fruit trees are already growing. Palm trees are growing gradually while the thorny shrubs to offer the hedge to surround the gardens are still germinating in the nursery bed at the site.
Fellow friend, support me in my cause so that i put in place a nice and attractive botanical gardens to match other botanical gardens we see in other places.
Visit the gardens website to know more on how you can donate.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Books Abroad UK donates books to KUHA Public Library

Kasese United Humanist Association Library has received a donation of text books, magazines, journals and newsletters covering a wide range of topics. Books donated covers information on Science, History, People, Arts, Home Economics, Diseases, English, Mathematics and Social issues. You can read out more info on the school website. You can view below some photos of some of the beneficiaries of these books below who are part of the students at Kasese Humanist Primary School, a school exposing children to better innovations,ideas in science at the same time inoculating young Ugandans from belief in magics and superstitions.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer lessons begins at Kasese Humanist Primary School,Uganda

Computer lessons begins at KHPS
In an effort to expose the children to the information era, Kasese Humanist Primary School has begun conducting computer lessons to its children who are in Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7. The lessons are aimed to equip the children with introductory information on the computer, its uses, typing skills, creating documents, the use of the internet plus the all relevant resources on Internet.
The lessons are being conducted by a US National volunteering at the school called Daniel Reid Loving who is already with us for 3 months that is up to the close of this second term.
Daniel was received in Uganda on 11th May 2012 at Entebbe International Airport by the School Director of Kasese Humanist Primary School Mr Bwambale Robert and the two went straight to Kasese on the same day.
The Volunteer came in with 3 Laptop Computers as a his personal donation to the Computer Class and the management of Kasese United Humanist Association also donated a Computer which brings the total computers we have in the Computer class to 4. We still require more computers such that at least 3 children can use a computer in a classroom as on average we are budgeting for close to 30 children in a normal class room. The Computer room still lacks seats, tables and the school management is looking for ways of ensuring its fully furnished.
Computer lessons kicked off on Monday 14th May and Daniel has shown a good impression by conducting these lessons in a professional way. The Computer lessons have been placed on the school Time Table and both the Teachers and the Children are undergoing times of study and i am optimistic, Computer Education at the school will make both the teachers and the students attain basic skills in computer use.
Plans are underway to also have these computers get a wireless internet connection such that in the course of study, the children can be able to explore the world further, be in position to connect to different people especially connecting classrooms through eLearning, Chatting online and accessing online educational resources.
For any computer donations to the school,contact the school project Director on email
Below are some of the photos of Daniel Loving, the United States National who is volunteering at the school conducting lessons at the school.
Daniel conducting a computer introductory lesson
Computer lessons in progress at Kasese Humanist Primary School,Uganda      

For more information about the school, visit the school website at


Monday, March 12, 2012

Kasese United Humanist Association attends the Uganda Humanist Association Conference 2012

Kasese United Humanist Association was among the organizations that was invited to attend the just concluded Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO) Conference/General Assembly.
The theme of the event was HUMANISM FOR A FREE AND PROSPEROUS AFRICA, The conference was attended by individual members of Uganda Humanist Association plus some Local Member Organizations who are affiliated with Uganda Humanist Association. Among the member organizations that attended were HALEA represented by Kato Mukasa, Kasese United Humanist Association based in Kasese,Western Uganda which was represented by Bwambale Robert and The School Head Teacher of Kasese Humanist Primary School Mr.Masereka David, Ugand Humanist Effort to Save Women represented by Betty Nassaka,Aggie Ojera, WOFEWO represented by Annet Nalunga and an Organization based in Entebbe that deals with rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS victims based in Entebbe headed by Mark Baguma.
It was an interesting conference that lasted for two days.
The conference venue was at Platinum Royale Hotel, Busega , Kampala pictured below:

The conference was opened by the outgoing Chairman of Uganda Humanist Association Mr. Peter Sikirinya
who welcomed and thanked all the individual members and member organizations of UHASSO to have come in big numbers and participate in the conference.
The Chairman welcomed on the floor Mr Deo Ssekitoleko who works as the East African Representative of IHEU. In his brief speech, Mr Deo greeted the participants and explained to them the Humanist Philosophy plus highlighting on what the IHEU stands for,why it was created plus the roles it does.
There were a number of Speakers invited to the conference to talk on some subjects and in accordance to the agenda the First Speaker  was Mr. Adrian Juuko, a reknowned Lawyer and Human rights Activist who talked about Human rights,Democracy, Corruption and the open society. He presented a good document in which he discussed about the dangers of corruption, human rights abuses and violations, open societies and closed societies and authoritarianism and at the end of the day,we learnt that a free and open society is the best that we embrace if Africa or Uganda is to develop.
Adrian Juuko is seen below discussing his topic

Another presentation was about Women and Humanism  where the Speaker talked about Women, Sexism and Prostitution which was presented by Betty Nassaka, Annet Nalunga and Susan Nambeejja where they all talked about the possible causes of prostitution, possible strategies to help out prostitutes and solutions to cub young children from getting lured into this kind of risky business. They noted out that though prostitution has disadvantages, it also has advantages and actually the government should ensure they devise solutions on how they can handle out this issue on fairly terms.
We also had a wonderful presentation from Dr. Joseph Kisakye who discussed about the Humanist Schools of Uganda in its attempts to offer a balanced liberal and secular education. He pointed out that initially the Education system set up in Uganda was  by the colonialists and they could only allow the learners to learn, cram and pass and could not stress on the learners to think critically or given chance to ask questions. He emphasized on the Scientific Method as a means of promoting free thought. He said also that there is a need to introduce as well vocational skills training in Humanist Schools. Uganda has so far 3 secondary Humanist Schools and one Humanist Primary School.

Another interesting Presentation was on Exploitations by Superstition and the Rationalist Alternative presented by James Onen of Free thought Kampala who talked about the various forms of superstitious beliefs. This topic of superstition was also talked on by John Mutumba and Dr. Lastone Bagetenda who are all medical practitioners who presented a well researched document where some times the locals who are superstitionists go on misleading the people about certain curable diseases by science are said to be cured after performing rituals or praying to spirits. at the end of the day they encouraged and motivated us to embrace science for it has got the answers.

There were also other discussants who talked about Peace and Unity in Diversity. On day 2,there was a video conference via Skype where the participants listened to Debbie Goddard of the Afro Americans for Humanism (AAH) who talked about the works of AAH. In a closing remarks of the video conference, Deo Ssekitoleko informed AAH about the activities of UHASSO and requested AAH to put in place a program where volunteers could be brought into the country from USA to come and engage in constructive work by volunteers to work in Ugandan communities for the betterment of Humanity.
At the end of the day there was the UHASSO General Assembly where only the members participated in the Assembly proceedings which involved dissolution of the old executive and putting in place a new line up in positions of Board of Trustees, Ammending certain clauses in the UHASSO articles of Association and finally passing or instituting the new constitution. Below are some more photo highlights taken in the course of the 2 day conference.

Aidan Sekatawa and Gerald Musoke above

A panel of Speakers in the just concluded UHASSO CONFRENCE 2012

Bwambale Robert is seen sitted on the extreme left

Participants listen attendively at the video conferencing between Debbie / Bob churchill and UHASSO Members

Dr. Sylvia Tamale also attended the conference on its second day and she gave us words of wisdom, she said that colonialists are to blame for they taught us to learn and cram instead of applying critical thinking, she said Humanism is deep rooted in us even before arrival of the colonialists and also pointed at the dangers of religion.

Kasese Uited Humanist Association and Kasese Humanist Primary School is so appreciative of what UHASSO is doing and we remain looking forward for a cordial mutual relationship for the continual promotion of the Humanist Philosophy on the African soil and Uganda in particular.
Long live UHASSO,  long live the Humanist Philosophy, Long live the Scientific Alternative!