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Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer lessons begins at Kasese Humanist Primary School,Uganda

Computer lessons begins at KHPS
In an effort to expose the children to the information era, Kasese Humanist Primary School has begun conducting computer lessons to its children who are in Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7. The lessons are aimed to equip the children with introductory information on the computer, its uses, typing skills, creating documents, the use of the internet plus the all relevant resources on Internet.
The lessons are being conducted by a US National volunteering at the school called Daniel Reid Loving who is already with us for 3 months that is up to the close of this second term.
Daniel was received in Uganda on 11th May 2012 at Entebbe International Airport by the School Director of Kasese Humanist Primary School Mr Bwambale Robert and the two went straight to Kasese on the same day.
The Volunteer came in with 3 Laptop Computers as a his personal donation to the Computer Class and the management of Kasese United Humanist Association also donated a Computer which brings the total computers we have in the Computer class to 4. We still require more computers such that at least 3 children can use a computer in a classroom as on average we are budgeting for close to 30 children in a normal class room. The Computer room still lacks seats, tables and the school management is looking for ways of ensuring its fully furnished.
Computer lessons kicked off on Monday 14th May and Daniel has shown a good impression by conducting these lessons in a professional way. The Computer lessons have been placed on the school Time Table and both the Teachers and the Children are undergoing times of study and i am optimistic, Computer Education at the school will make both the teachers and the students attain basic skills in computer use.
Plans are underway to also have these computers get a wireless internet connection such that in the course of study, the children can be able to explore the world further, be in position to connect to different people especially connecting classrooms through eLearning, Chatting online and accessing online educational resources.
For any computer donations to the school,contact the school project Director on email
Below are some of the photos of Daniel Loving, the United States National who is volunteering at the school conducting lessons at the school.
Daniel conducting a computer introductory lesson
Computer lessons in progress at Kasese Humanist Primary School,Uganda      

For more information about the school, visit the school website at