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Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Pathfinders Project volunteers visit Kasese Humanist Primary School, Uganda

 The Pathfinders Project Crew tasks as summarized in the first 3 days at Kasese Humanist Primary School in Kasese, western Uganda.

The Pathfinders keen to speak to the Parent and KHPS children

Community walk by the Pathfinders
The Pathfinders chatting with a Khps girl

Moving in Railway ward in search for KHPS families

A Parent to Tina Namudu a sponsored child receives pencils and a book for her daughter
The Pathfinders, School Director & Khps Parent talk

The Pathfinders with Khps School Director directing them to families

The Pathfinders dishing out scholastic s to KHPS children

Entering a khps parent home

The Pathfinders Project crew landed in Uganda on 11th September 2013 and were received at Entebbe International Airport by the School Director Bwambale Robert who welcomed them into the country and led them from Entebbe to Kasese in a journey which took 7 hours.

The Pathfinders reached Kasese at 10:22 PM Wednesday night and the following morning, the Pathfinders Project crew visited Kasese Humanist Primary School site at the railway station and were received at the school by some section of Teachers at the school plus a few students in Grade 7 who are at the school undergoing revision studies during this holiday season.
The Pathfinders  that arrived at the school are all from the USA and are 4 in number whose names are as below:
  • Conor Robinson
  • Michele Huey
  • Ben Blanchard
  • Wendy Weber

The Pathfinders Project is an initiative by Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB), a USA charity dedicated to show humanist generosity by helping out upcoming  organization of which Kasese Humanist Primary School happens to have benefited from FBB where the school received some funds that aided the school to procure a water tank, purchase 10 class desks, added more 2.5 acreage of land to the KHPS School farmland making the farmland make it to 7.5 Acres with some funds utilized as well in boosting Teachers salaries at the school.

After the Pathfinders having met with the school staff, they were introduced to the local authorities as volunteer teachers at the school and offices so far visited include the area village chief at Railway and Kidodo, Railway Police Station and the office of the Resident District Commissioner for Kasese District. Plans are underway to have the volunteers visit the Ministry of Education and Sports Kasese Office for introduction as well.

The Pathfinders have been given several tasks to perform at the school and among the activities are Teaching of English language, Science, Mathematics, Humanism, First Aid, Physical Education, Computer lessons plus some games and sports.

The Pathfinders crew have had chance to be toured around to view a number of ongoing projects KHPS is embarking on like the new site where KHPS intends to construct  permanent classrooms on its new land, The School plantation in Muhokya and the Kasese Humanist Botanic Gardens.
As a way to get a clear understanding on the nature, lifestyle and living conditions of KHPS pupils, the Pathfinders Project crew have been moved around the community to visit the children and their parents and they have donated scholastic supplies to the visited homes and  both the children and their parents appreciate the sign of generosity rendered. The Pathfinders have tried to visit some families in Kasese and Kilembe and are looking forward to seeing the children report back for Term 3 which actually is beginning on 16th September.

The school reopens on Monday 16th of September for intensive teaching for all classes.

The pathfinders visiting a needy khps children home

The Pathfinders moving around the village
Inside a KHPS parent home