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Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter Exchange Project between USA pupils & KHPS pupils

Some children share their letter with their Teacher
A selected number of Children of Kasese Humanist Primary School  totaling 25 are participating in a Penpal Letter Exchange Service with children from some schools in the United States.
The project was initiated by Lylah Mouton, a 7 year old child who is currently raising funds and material assistance towards Uganda Humanist Schools.
Awor Immaculate shows off her letter

Kasese Humanist Primary School management is engaging 25 pupils to participate in this letter writing/photo exchange program and so far children from the USA have wrote in their first letters which have been anxiously received by our pupils most of which are in the age bracket of 7-13 years.
The children are happy to be part of the project as they have got friends overseas with whom they can share with views, news and life on either side.
Zam Mageya excited to have a Penpal

The first letters from US came along with 3 disposable cameras to aid in shooting photos by the children themselves and these photos will be made available to their USA counterparts. In addition to this the school got 2 electric bells bought for the school by the Dad to Lylah Mr. Mario Mouton. These bells are going to be installed at the school and be used to alert the time of changing lesions, calling children to assembly time and so on.

The photos below show some children after receipt of their letters.
Participants in the project acknowledge receipt of the letters
The KHPS children will reply back the letters early this week and on behalf of the KHPS children, I thank all those children participating in this program for their interest in corresponding with our school and I am optimistic there is a lot my children will learn, acquire in this exercise.
Rafert poses for a photograph

  I thank Mario Mouton for all his efforts in guiding Lylah initiate such an encouraging cause aimed at bringing smiles and hope to Ugandan children.
Kave  poses for a photograph at HeadTeachers'Office

Long live, Kasese Humanist Primary School, Long live , Long live Kids Heart KIds Organization  

Lylah KHPS Salutes you. Pass on our love, affection, passion and compassion to all the children who are participating in this Letter Exchange Program.

With Science, We can Progress

Friday, November 15, 2013

Secular Student Alliance donates to KHPS

Kasese Humanist Primary School has received a shipment of pens from Secular Student Alliance, a US based secular organization. The package received contained over 700 pens which have been distributed to each student in Grade 2 to Grade 6 leaving there a surplus for future use.

KHPS Teaching and non teaching staff have also benefited from the donation.

Received pens distributed out to KHPS Children

The children, the entire management and staff of Kasese Humanist School thank so much Secular Student Alliance for supporting us with the pens which is a major tool in and out of the classroom.

The pens donation was addressed to Ben Blanchard who has just concluded his volunteering experience at the school last month. Ben was among the other 3 members of the Pathfinders Project who are currently on a yearlong program being funded by Foundation Beyond Belief.

The supplies were received by The School Director, Bwambale Robert who made a brief intro about SSA. The pens were distributed class by class and thereafter children posed for a group photo. 

Children at the school raising high the donated pens. Thanks Secular Student Alliance (SSA)

Thank you so much Secular Student Alliance for donating to our school. 

With Science, we can progress.

Sunday, November 3, 2013