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Thursday, September 10, 2015

KHPS acquires a farmland

Kasese Humanist Primary School has acquired a farmland in the irrigation zone of Muhokya commonly known by locals as Rutoke. The land is spacious, with fertile alluvial soils, well connected by a road and located on the banks of River Muhokya. Planting crops in this area does not need one to time the season and changing weather pattern.
The land was purchased some months ago in installments from the former owner and was finally cleared off with funds realized from the sale of one of my cars a Toyota Ipsum which finally helped me clear up this property to nil balance.
I have dedicated to name this property as BIZOHA Farmland in memory of our recent project that has seen the arrival of the orphans at the site. It’s located some few meters from the current BIZOHA site and according to my planning, I intend to intensify on making this land cultivable all year round as it has the potential to provide food crops throughout the year as its well connected to the Muhokya Irrigation Project. I am already a subscriber to the irrigation group where we are supposed to pay one time membership fees which I paid. Farmers in this area normally have water channels connected to their gardens which gardens must have ridges. The water is channeled through these channels and spread through the farmland three times in a week.
The location of our farm puts it at a better advantage to access water at any time we want it since we are located next to Muhokya River. As per my plans, I feel much interested in putting houses on this farmland so that intensive farming is practiced. Presently I have got 3 farm workers who manage it namely Mutwaro, Rogers and a semi skilled farm manager called Bagambe. The land right now has beans which we have started to harvest, bananas some about 2 – 3months to start harvesting, some tomatoes, cabbages, plantains and an array of sweet potatoes.
In our efforts to ensure Kasese Humanist Primary School becomes self reliant at some point, am optimistic that this farmland will supply crops to feed our schools at Rukoki and BIZOHA Campus. It will also spice up our plan to make the Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand a venue where locals and road Passersby can make stop over and purchase foodstuffs that can in turn sustain the entire projects.
If we intensify the farming we can sell off to the ready market for food crop to feed Kasese Town and some nearby towns like Muhokya, Kahendero, Kikorongo and Bwera. On this note, I call upon the international community especially Agronomists, horticulturists or Volunteers with skills in modern farming to join us in our new innovation of ensuring we make the farmland productive.
On the other hand, the existence of this farmland means that the whole property at BIZOHA will only have the orphanage, School, Roadside stand, Clinic, Museum, Coffee shop, Recreation gardens, hostels, a playing field plus some guest houses.
Currently the Orphans housed at BIZOHA are among the beneficiaries of the crops grown on this farmland, they are now eating the fresh beans, tomatoes and plantains present at this farm.
With Science, we can progress.