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Monday, October 26, 2015

A quick look at Kasese Humanist Primary School - Uganda

Kasese Humanist Primary School stands out from the crowd being the only nursery & primary School that is set up on the foundation of Science embracing Humanist values.
The school is an innovation of Kasese United Humanist Association which was founded by Bwambale Robert Musubaho who has dedicated all his efforts to ensure the school grows to greater heights. His picture is shown below:
The school success has been attributed to the immense support generated from free thinkers, humanists/atheists and science minded individuals distributed in all corners of the planet. Currently the school has a permanent home in Rukoki, Bizoha Campus and the rented structures at the Kasese Railway Station.
The school has very many sections or programs as listed below: Eric Oliver Creativity Club Free thinkers Club The Computer Club Poultry Section Netball & Foot ball Club Science Club Other bigger project initiated recently is the Bizoha Farmland. More information about the school is available online: We are available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and the Worldwide web. Below are some of the random pictures about the School Project.
All in all, we thank all the international community for having supported continuously our cause in ensuring Science and Reason prevail in this part of the world. We remain committed to our core aims and objectives in our long journey for a fair, secure and a just world. With Science, we can progress.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dispelling misconceptions about Kasese Humanist Primary School

On 9th-11th October this year, I hosted again a crew of Journalists from Kenya who are currently working on a documentary about about Kasese Humanist Primary School in its journey of enlightening the Ugandan people the goodness of free thought and their right to confront world challenges with an approach of Humanism, Science and Reason.
I was chosen by the guys in the media because my projects sound so unique in their set up and I do look to have attracted so much attention from both with local and international circles. All my works are documented online giving any person doubting my works to gather my works and get a platform to assess me, what I stand for and make conclusion whether am on the wrong part or the winning side. The journalist earlier on were hosted to our school and had toured my projects and interviewed me, met with the pupils at both schools and two weeks after they showed interest to come again and finalize gathering of more contents to feature in the documentary showcasing my works.
The journalists spent two complete days with us, on their first day, they spent almost the half day at my home covering all the activities done at the home, knowing more about me, my family, house chores, cooking works and were thrilled to seeing the Happy Human logo on the roof ceiling of each room.
I was interviewed on what it meant and lots of information was gathered and recorded in print, photo and video format. At Lunch time, we visited a local pastor who runs a church linked to the American Evangelicals who happens to have his children studying at our school, he was interviewed about our activities and what he thinks, he gave in his opinions.
There after we moved to Kahendero Fishing village to visit the lake and while at the lake, I did the media Crew visit official and took the bother to notify the Area local chairman about our presence, The chairman was so excited hosting us there, we made simple introductions about ourselves and in a matter of minutes, a crowd of people had gathered around us and what seemed to be a tour turned out to be a meeting.
The Media crew wanted to know what the locals think about Kasese Humanist Primary School since it was identified as a rather successful project standing out from the crowd among secular groups operating on the African soil. The Area Chairman welcomed the project to Muhokya and possibly to his area in more years to come and thanked me (Bwambale Robert) for taking that initiative to bring development to their area.
The locals had some concerns from the rumors that has been circulating within Muhokya and Kahendero areas that the KHPS and BIZOHA are expanding fast because they have funds got from the waters. In other wards in Uganda presently people still think and believe that wealth can be got from performing rituals and sacrifices, we currently have news each other day on radios , newspapers about how people belonging to devil worshippers, illuminati’s have enormous wealth got from the lakes.
I guided the locals that material wealth can be realized only through hard work, getting money has no connection with lakes, waters or blood as speculated by people who are deep rooted in the bondage of religious bigotry who have a feeling that offering sacrifices accompanied by performing rituals can earn someone fortunes.
Humanism is against all forms of magic and superstitious beliefs and there is no reason I may make a UTurn and join again the bandwagon of irrational beliefs including even my former Anglican religion which has elements of spirits, miracles, after lives and rituals in it. Every time one links my works to magic’s or superstitious beliefs is a matter of ignorance. My minds are free from mythical, imaginary sky daddies and any sort of fairies and wouldn’t at any one time embrace them.
I was quizzed by locals why Kasese Humanist Primary School is growing fast each other day and whether the source of wealth is realized the hard way by visiting a lake. I answered back to the locals what my school is, what it cherishes and what it doesn’t. I taught them information about free thought, Science and some basics on human rights freedoms. Through my answers, almost all of them felt satisfied with how I answered their questions, I explained at how I get support from sympathizers and well wishers worldwide who cherish what I do. I however made a thorough explanation about how Science and Religion are incompatible but my issue here was to have mutual interdependence and co existence if we are to develop.
I wished the locals to broaden their knowledge and know more about religions, not their biological ones but even those for others both local and foreign religions.
I explained to them that KHPS is not trying to ban or stop people from practicing their religions as what the school cherishes is not religion itself but a tool that can empower humanity better understand nature and the way it operates. I also send a note to the locals that religious zealots and private school owners in Kasese areas might be the ones behind this smear campaigns about my projects.
On one incident, one influential man of god heading a certain religious sect whom I won’t disclose made a sermon in church and mentioned about how Kasese Humanist Primary School is anti Christ and deserves to be closed. The same person was called by the Media crew to make comments and share views on what the thought are about the school but instead gave a deaf ear and only answered back violently to the Journalists. Any clean and well informed citizen can’t block the people from the media to interview him or her.
All in all, Kasese Humanist Primary School remain committed to its core principles of offering a balanced Education system free from dogma and indoctrination, we shall continue in enlightening the people about the importance of science and free thought, allow people to get exposed to modern technologies and vocational skills in our efforts to make this world a better place. On the second day, the Journalist shot the better Sunday activities done by Kasese Free thinkers Club and met also with some children of KHPS in their family homes.
All in all, I hope to share the links to the documentary once it’s released. I do thank the Journalists for their time, resource and efforts in compiling up data about my works and I do think, once released, it will send some signal and dispel the rumors and misconceptions people have about Kasese Humanist Primary School. All my works are in black and white and any person willing to know more about my projects can easily access them online. The Kahendero Chairman thanked Kasese Humanist Primary School for having thought about extending services to the community of Muhokya and Kahendero and pledged full support now that the rumors turns out to be fabricated and baseless. Attached below are some of the pictures of the BiZoHa Campus
With Science, we can progress